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As you start planning your invitations, a main factor to figure out is what elements you need in your suite. Each wedding is different and therefore each wedding suite is different. Take some time to think about what information you need to convey to your guests. Below are some of the most common items. If you don't see something you need, let us know! We're always happy to help with a new custom project. Ready to get started or have some questions? Please fill out our Wedding Suite Inquiry for more answers and details regarding your suite

The Wedding Suite

Save the Date
The Save the Date is usually mailed out six to twelve months before the event. There is little etiquette guiding this relatively new element of a wedding suite, so feel free to make it as fun or formal as you'd like. We offer many options for the Save the Date: letterpressed text and imagery, combination of photo + letterpress text, photo post card, and more.

As you probably know, the Wedding Invitation is the single most important item. This beautiful piece will let your guests know who is hosting the event, who is getting married, and when and where the ceremony is taking place. Usually it includes a information indicating that the reception will follow. The Wedding Invitation really sets the tone for your wedding, sending sub-conscious communication to your guests about the feel of your wedding. Is it formal? Casual? Woodsy? Rustic? The Wedding Invitation should convey this and create a sense of excitement in your guests.

Reply Card
After the Wedding Invitation, the Reply Card is the second most important item. This is a card for your guests to mail back to you with their names and whether or not they will be attending. It is recommended to include a deadline for guests. This date is usually set by the caterer or venue, usually a week or two before the event, so they can have an accurate head count. It is standard to include a stamped, addressed envelope to make this step as easy as possible for your guests. We offer printed corresponding envelopes with the host's return address letterpressed on the front.

Reception Card
If your reception will be in a different location than the ceremony, if there is a lot of detailed information to convey, or if you want to take the more traditional approach, you may want to add a Reception Card to your suite. This card invites your guests to the reception after the ceremony, and includes the address and time. If appropriate, it may include attire information, such as black tie.

Information Card
Similar to the Reception Card, an Information Card is a great element if there is a lot of information to share. While many guests may be able to access your wedding website, there is a chance that some never will log on. Consider including the most important details on the Information Card, such as driving directions, childcare information, lodging options, social media information, etc.

Website Card
With the growing trend of wedding websites, it is helpful to include a Website Card so your guests know how to find your wedding website. This is usually the size of a business card, so your guests can keep the card handy for when they need to check information about your event.

We offer return address printing for the larger Invitation Envelope with your address printed on the back flap. We can also print your address on the front of the Reply Card Envelopes (for the guests to mail back to you). This saves you a step of hand-addressing or applying labels, and keeps the style of your suite consistent. We'll use the same font and color and achieve the same letterpress look and feel that we all love!  For standard-size invitations (5x7), we offer Inner Envelopes (un-gummed) and larger gummed Outer Envelopes. Colored Envelopes can also be available. 

Paper Goods for the Wedding Weekend

Welcome Note
If you have many out of town guests and are providing a welcome bag or basket, a Welcome Note is a perfect addition to welcome them to your wedding destination. The note could be short and sweet, or more detailed with helpful information.

Weekend Schedule
For a Wedding Weekend full of festive events, a printed Weekend Schedule will help keep guests on track of when and where to be. This could also include dining, shopping, and activity options nearby.

Ceremony Program
The big moment has arrived! We can design and print your Ceremony Programs to match your Wedding Invitation Suite.

Dinner Menu
Whether you plan to offer a menu to each guest at their place-setting, or have a few printed menus around the dining room, we can design these for you.

Table Numbers & Place Cards
We're happy to use design elements from the Wedding Invitation Suite to use for your table numbers and place cards or escort cards.

Stickers, Magnets, Napkins, Matches, Cloth Bags, Etc.
Let us help coordinate all your designed items and keep them looking beautiful and consistent. We have many great resources for alternative printing and would be happy to help manage these projects for you. Have an idea? We're excited to make it happen!

Wedding Stationery

Folded Thank You Cards
We create elegant thank you cards that correspond with your wedding suite for to send to your guests thanking them for their wedding presents (and presence!)

Flat Personal Stationery
Consider new personal stationery with both your names at the top for a simple note. If you are changing your last name, treat yourself to some new desk stationery.

Calling Cards
While the calling card doesn't have the same necessity as it once did, there are still many modern uses. Slip a card under the ribbon packaging of a gift or inside a gift bag. Create a more modern calling card by adding your email address and phone number - essentially a business card without the business.

Newlywed Holiday Cards
Share your newlywed bliss with friends and family during the holidays. We can create a custom design using your wedding photographs.

Bridal Party Gifts & Wedding Favors

Folded Thank You Cards & Flat Personal Stationery
Letterpress Stationery makes a wonderful gift for in your bridal party. We can create a bulk batch of cards with a design from your Wedding Suite that you can give out to everyone, or give personal stationery with their name or monogram to make it a truly unique gift. Also, cotton is the first year anniversary gift and all of our paper is cotton - a perfect gift for your new spouse!

Looking for the perfect party favor? Give your guests a festive and sturdy paper coaster with your wedding details - a gift that keeps on giving.

Letterpress Prints
Still stumped on something special? Let us help you brainstorm a custom letterpress print that your bridal party will cherish forever.