Cotton Blossom Press

Wedding Invitation Suite Process & Timeline

1. Look around our website and decide if Cotton Blossom Press is a good fit for your design aesthetic and if you think you'd like to work with us.

2. Think about what pieces you may need for your wedding. Talk this over with your fiancé, mother, wedding planner, best friend, etc. Each wedding is different and therefore the pieces needed may vary. The standard minimum is usually an Invitation and Reply Card. Check out Our Offerings page to get some ideas flowing.

3. Fill out our Wedding Suite Inquiry. This gives us information about your vision and project. It helps us help you!

4. We will follow up to discuss your project further and send you a Job Estimate. We will email you to discuss your project and answer any questions you may have. If needed, we can set up a phone call to chat further. Once we have a clear idea of your project, we will send a Project Estimate from QuickBooks. This will include all the fine-print details and prices for your wedding suite, along with a projected timeline.

5. Inform us if the estimate is correct and suits your budget. We will send you an invoice for a 50% non-refundable deposit. Or, let us know if the budget does not work, or is incorrect, and we will do our best to find a creative solution to meet your needs. (Please note that our Wedding Suite minimum is $750 and most standard jobs cost around $1,200). Occasionally, some details change during the design process. We will adjust your balance at the end. If you don't have a firm guest count yet, that's fine - we can still begin designing based on a good guess and adjust your balance as needed.

6. Submit payment. We accept checks, bank transfers through QuickBooks, and Venmo.

7. Submit the wording you'd like on the pieces. We are happy to offer help and suggestions with wording, but we do require the basic who/what/when/where to get started. Please be prompt with this information.

8. We will begin designing your suite. We always start with the Invitation (or the Save the Date when applicable). The first round takes the longest as we experiment with different styles and ideas. When ready, we will email you a digital PDF that includes 2-5 basic concepts.

9. We provide a deadline for your feedback. After receiving your feedback, we will make revisions. We provide 2-3 rounds of concept revisions, and then 2-3 rounds of fine-tuning. (Please note: additional changes beyond this will be charged at a rate of $75/hour. This will be added to your final balance).

10. We will finish designing the rest of the suite. This process usually moves quickly since we have established a strong design direction.

11. The remaining balance is due once the entire suite is approved OR three weeks before your final deadline (whichever comes first). We will send an invoice and this must be paid in full before we order your custom polymer plates for printing.

12. You officially approve the entire suite and give us the go-ahead to start letterpressing. We recommend printing out all the digital PDFs to look over with a fine tooth comb. Please triple check for spelling and correct information. (Please note: Cotton Blossom Press is not responsible for mistakes or typos that are caught by the client after the final approval).

13. Time for the letterpress fun! Once we have received payment in full and you have given your official approval of the designs, we will order all your supplies and schedule a time for printing. Please allow three weeks for this process.

14. We will package up your order and ship it to you! Standard shipping costs for USPS Priority are included. Rush shipping is available at an added cost.

15. We follow up with a survey for your feedback. We pride ourselves in excellent quality and customer service. We're interested to hear what you found most successful and what might need improvement. 

The process is truly a collaboration, so we like to take the time to set clear expectations at the beginning of every project. We will honor all project tasks, but we will need information from you and prompt feedback. We cannot honor your final deadline if you do not provide payment or feedback in a timely manner.