Cotton Blossom Press

This wedding suite was so fun to work on. Susie wanted something whimsical and fun, but elegant and traditional enough to please her mother's taste. The solution was a fun hand-drawn flower branch illustration in a bright royal blue,  with a simple serif small-caps text paired with a fun calligraphy-style font.  We included an information card in the suite so out of town guests would be well-aware of the lodging options. In addition to the printed suite, we created designs for the weekend: ceremony programs and dinner menus. These were printed locally in Los Angeles.

I just want you to know that my mom said “I love these” in response to your designs, which is literally the first time she’s used the word “love” to describe anything surrounding this wedding. You have a big victory under your belt!
— susie
Thank you again for all your edits, your willingness to work on this throughout YOUR OWN wedding plans, and for being so patient and accommodating. You’ve been a lifesaver and have alleviated my anxiety many many times over the past several months!
— Susie